Young Lit Hippy | Welcome to Portland Sign Rapper | Damian Lillard (Official Music Video)

(Song off Young Lit Hippy's new album Psychological Warfare) This link will send you a streaming platform of your choice. (Ex. Spotify, Soundcloud ect.) Filmed and edited by Brick Engstrom (Vicarious Productions) Produced by Eatbeatz Subscribe for more music from Young Lit Hippy Follow Young Lit Hippy Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Epic rap video featuring Young Lit Hippy sitting on the Welcome to Portland sign. This track called Damian Lillard rap video in Portland is dope. The Blazers are sure that this is one of the best rap videos in 2020 and 2021, Young Lit Hippy is the best rap artists from Portland. In truly epic fashion, we see the famous and iconic Welcome to Portland sign, where Young Lit Hippy sits perched high above, with his unique and captivating rapping beats. You’re here because you love Yung Lit Hippy, so please like, share and subscribe for more epic Portland rap artist music. #younglithippy#portlandrapper#newraptrack

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