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Good morning! Today I wanted to get everyone caught up on a dope project that recently dropped from hillsboro's own Tripolar. This man has been making music since I can remember, Not only that but he has drastically continued to grow as an artist. It seems every week he is releasing now music and videos to go with the tracks. I been watching him grow his fan base and market himself in a way that most artist would have envy witnessing. From Live streams with DJ LadyX to throwing shows and jumping on many other shows. It Has been a pleasure to watch, and his future appears to be very bright. From dropping music and always hustling to try and stay ahead of the curve he has earned his respect in hip hop. So out of respect for his craft and hustle I hit Tripolar up about his newest mixtape released called "Third Times A Charm" to ask him a few questions. This is what he had to say.

Q: What is the name of your new project/ How did you come up with the name?

A:My newest project is called third times a charm. Since my name is Tripolar and the other artist name is 3rd Degree Burns i figured 3rd times a charm fit pretty well.

Q: What is Your favorite track of the mixtape and why?

A: My favorite track from the project is Accountability feat 3rd degree on the hook. I love his style and the way he brings melodies and harmonies to his flows is pretty dope.

Q: How Long have you been making music?

A: I have been writing rhymes since 2003. Recording myself since 2009 and making my own videos just the last couple years.

Q : What Are you currently working on and what are some of your goals?

A: I have about 4 albums i am working on completing at the moment. I plan on continuing to make my music the best it can possibly be, along with pioneering new ways of life and entertainment in these uncertain times. Mainly my goal is just to be heard. I don't care if i become rich or famous from my music, because in my eyes i already have a gift and talents that make me richer than any money ever could. I make my music so everyone can feel and understand it. I feel if you can connect and relate to a person thru your music then they are more likely to listen again.

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