Rhyme Antics - Vocabulary Game

Rhyme Antics Is A Hilarious Rhyming Vocabulary Game Inspired By Hip Hop For Ages 12+. Think To The Beat While You Freestyle Rap In Proper English Only! Engage In A Battle Of Word Wits That Will Test You And Your Team's Vocabulary Knowledge At A Rapid Speed! Fun For All Kids, Grown Ups, Grandparents, Teachers, Geeks and Gangsters.


Chantel Calloway is the inventor behind the hit board game Rhyme Antics.

Concerned by the literacy crisis within her community, her mission is to use Rhyme Antics to generate awareness to the growing literacy issues in America, promote book culture, and use hip-hop as a catalyst to "make reading cool again." Although Calloway is being celebrated as on innovative block inventor, she has also become an active advocate for literacy by teaching reading-focused programs at the Boys & Girls Club locations. Along with being on exciting party game, Rhyme Antics also functions as an educational resource for classrooms, allowing students to sharpen their vocabulary skills. Today this critically acclaimed game is sold at multiple retailers, including Target and Walmart stores. Miss Calloway is currently available for speaking engagements and press interviews.

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