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Cards For The Culture c/o Zumble

A note from Jason & Rick, the two guys who started this thing. We started Cards For The Culture c/o Zumble 3 years ago with one simple premise: We believe that people who enjoy shared experiences with loved ones, make the world a better place. We've grown quite a bit since then, but that guiding principle hasn't changed. Today we have a whole range of trivia games made using feedback suggestions from people like you. We're happy you're here, and really appreciate your support.

About Cards For The Culture c/o Zumble

OUR VISION IS TO BUILD THE LARGEST BLACK OWNED TRIVIA GAME BUSINESS IN THE WORLD. NOSTALTIC CULTURAL CURATION HUBA LITTLE BACKSTORYIn 2012, Zumble (then Republic & Co. and The Dopest Card Games Ever) started with a a collection of Martin Themed t-shirts with very popular phrases from the show 'Martin'. Eight years later, we've created one of the most popular trivia game brands in the culture! It all started with a single idea: to create a nostalgic cultural curation hub. It's a simple goal, but one that's had an everlasting domino effect over time. People want to connect with those feelings they had when they first heard R&B groups like Jodeci, watched TV shows like the hit 90's TV show 'Martin', saw movies like House Party and Love Jones; and they want to do it in an engaging way. While the world of pop cultural is mainly focused on what's happening today, we decided to go in another direction and revisit 90's culture and give it a fresh look. I've coined it as, 'Modernizing the 90's'. If I've learned anything in my time growing Zumble; it's this; people have a deep love for the 90's and a very strong connection to that era. As of August 2020, we have transformed Zumble into a full-fledged media/production company. Zumble will be known for creating content based around late 80's - early 2000's but mainly the 90's. ZumbleTV, our production company will be our in-house production company where we will create original content. We also relaunched our trivia game platform, Cards For The Culture. We will not only house our own trivia game library, we will house other trivia game brands from black game designers. Our brands: Zumble, ZumbleTV, Cards For The Culture, 90's R&B Karaoke, Zumble Podcast Network, Zumble Game Show Network. Jason M. Gray, Founder/Creative Director

I got the Martin Trivia and me and my family loves, tip don’t open until you are ready to play. That way is more fun is you know a lot. - Asa Spade

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