Historically Black Colleges & Universities, HBCUs

Cultural responsiveness and racial socialization in education have been discussed as two ways in which African-American students can anchor their work and connect to their environments. Graduates from Historically Black colleges and universities produce the majority of Black professionals who obtain PhD’s in the U.S. In the case for reparations, when it comes to accessing higher education at HBCUs, should America pay? Join us as we discuss the differences between predominantly white institutions (PWI) and Historically Black colleges and universities and discuss whether it is the government’s responsibility to provide financial pathways for Black students to access a culturally specific education. #BeTheHealing#WellnessWednesday#drjoydegruy#posttraumaticslavesyndrome#HBCUs______________________________ SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE channel to receive notifications about our latest videos: Follow us on TWITTER: Visit us at:

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