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I was recently asked what was my turning point to my success in my music.. so I responded but I noticed a lot of good points and I think this can apply to a lot of things in life so I wanted to share my response

I think the turning point for me was being myself in my music, being authentic. no mask , no front, not afraid to be vulnerable. I'm not a tuff guy, not a gangster, not driving nice whips (don't have a car) Im not a sex symbol banging out three girls in the back of the club so I don't act like I im in my music. I found that a lot of people connected to my music because they felt they could relate. that goes back to my target audience reference, I found a way to give them what they want. stop trying to impress the cool people they don't care about you, pay attention who to supports you and cultivate those relationships. The cool thing about it is I found a way to do it by being me.... I'm in recovery so I speak a lot bout my hardships.. people buy because of emotion. so if they feel a strong connection it will make a wonder of difference. Those are your true supporters. Also being clean and sober I don't smoke, I don't drink , I don't go kick it with the fellas.i stay at home and work on music with lady chasing goals. im able to have my priorities straight. instead of spending my money on a head change or a buzz or trying to escape reality I put my reality in my music . I invested in myself. $10 here and there. and that grew into $50 here and there . all the way into $10,000 in a home studio, $2,500 bausik's film equipment when he upgraded. investment investment investment if you do that in the right places and spend it on reaching the right target audience it helps. look your gonna make a lot of mistakes and that's ok but pay attention and take notes on why it didn't work and try again. I learned all this from self experience. no guide no mentor.. Just by flat out getting my hands dirty and pushing thru the process. when people told me I sucked and wouldn't give me a time of day. I picked my own lane and went for it. you don't have to be the best you just have to be willing to out work the person next to you.

-Skyler Ray

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