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Imagine the classic card game you love, mixed with dope black trivia. This is Black Uno!!! Voted #1 Game Night Game of 2020 by Esquire Free Shipping within the USA Includes the Black Uno app for your Android/iOS mobile devices. See Less

Black Trivia Power Cards

You have the option of drawing cards, or answering a black trivia question using the Power Card app on your mobile device. If you answer the question correctly, the person who hit you has to draw the designated number of cards instead. ​ The Power Card app has hundreds of questions to generate; and is constantly being updated.

To Stack or Not to Stack

Can you stack draw cards? OF COURSE YOU CAN!!! In Black Uno we call this a "stack attack" and we've made things more interesting by adding Draw 8's and Draw 10's to the lineup.

Classic Gameplay (with a twist)

Trade Hands! Switch the Color! All of the classic tricks are at your disposal in Black Uno. First time playing? No worries! We have game rules both on the Black Uno mobile app, and our website.

Single Pack + Mobile App

Black Uno combines classic card matching with black cultural trivia. Players compete until the winning player yells "Black Uno" and gets rid of their final card. We also introduce "Black Power Cards" that give players the option to either draw the designated number of cards OR answer a black trivia question, using the included Black Uno mobile app. (Android and iOS versions included) This app is used to generate one of HUNDREDS of black trivia questions for use with the Black Uno card game. Black Uno is fun for the whole family, and perfect for your next game night, BBQ, kick-back, or just because. There are plenty of twist and tricks to keep everyone on their toes for hours on end.

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