Tragedy of Gentrification in Portland

Before the rampant gentrification all around north Portland in the 1990s there was the extensive demolition of businesses and homes for the construction of the Memorial Coliseum in the late 1950s. Then there was the decade long battle in the 1960s that led to the demolition of several commercial buildings and hundreds of homes in what is today the Eliot neighborhood. All the buildings in this videos thumbnail were demoed for a project that would have expanded the Legacy Emanuel Hospital onto that property. The development of this project, behind the backs of the citizens who lived and worked here, took almost a decade to come to fruiting and by the early 1970s funding for the project dried up and the expansion was never pursued meaning these demoes happened for no reason. I produced these videos for my Black History Month series for my old channel back in February 2017 as both these mass demolitions were done in Portland's predominantly African American neighborhoods. I talk about both events in this video, a piece of Portland's history that really hits hard.


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