10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Coding Bootcamp

Hey! I graduated from Tech Talent South's Code Immersion bootcamp in March 2016. Tech Talent South did not ask me to create this video. I decided to create this video because there are very few authentic, real life reviews of what coding bootcamp is like. If you're interested in coding schools or coding bootcamps, let me share some insight about what you're truly getting yourself into! But remember, regardless of the school you choose or the teacher you have... what you put IN to the course is what you will get out. These programs aren't easy ways to get a job after coding bootcamp. Me and my cohort definitely landed jobs shortly after but you need to be mentally ready and dedicated to doing the work. It's like paying for a gym membership but not going to the gym to work out -- it does not work! I wish you all the best of luck on your coding journey! Feel free to ask me questions. I'm here to help :) Enjoy this video? Please like and subscribe! Join the Crew in our Facebook Group: ☆☆☆ Check Out Tech Talent South Courses ☆☆☆ ➜Coding Education ↞ ☼ Get a web developer job fast: ☼ Learn how to code online: ☼ Attend Coding Bootcamp: ➜Build a Website ↞ ☆ Website Hosting: ☆ The best templates: ➜Social Media ♡ WEBSITE: ♡ FACEBOOK: ♡ TWITTER: ♡ INSTAGRAM: ♡ PERISCOPE: Kristen_Leake ♡ SNAPCHAT: Kristen.Leake ☆ The Code School I Attended - Tech Talent South ☆ 3 Secrets to Getting a Job After Coding School: ☆ 3 Things Coding Bootcamp Taught Me About Life: ☆ How I Chose the Right Coding Bootcamp: ☆ How to Prepare for Coding Bootcamp:


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