MEN'S STYLE TIPS - HOW TO MAKE DRESS SHOES LAST LONGER Visit for daily videos on men’s style, women and relationships, sex and attraction, health, domestic skills and motivational topics. Welcome back guys, in today’s style video we discuss how to make dress shoes last for longer. I have a suggestion that I believe should be an absolute must for every man, or at least every man that owns a new pair of dress shoes because this will save you money and maintain your sharp look. When it comes to dress shoes, if you are buying quality dress shoes it's actually the sole that will wear and break down the most. If the shoes are quality leather, and you insert cedar shoe trees when not wearing the shoes, the body of the shoe can maintain it’s shape and quality for years, even decades. But it's the soles that take the brunt of the wear and tear as we walk, and a worn down sole on a quality pair of dress shoes will often be the catalyst to have to buy a new pair. So when you buy a new pair of dress shoes, what you should do is take them to a cobbler, or a shoe repair shop or whatever you call it, and have them put a makeshift sole on top of the existing sole of those new shoes. (YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE TO SEE A DEMONSTRATION OF THIS INVALUABLE PROCEDURE) The reason to do so is that the makeshift sole will then take all the wear and tear and when that sole wears away, you just take the shoes back to the cobbler, and have another makeshift sole placed on. This means that the shoes original sole never wears down at all, and as I mentioned, if the shoes are quality leather, then the body of the shoe will maintain its shape and quality which you aid with shoe trees and regular polishing which can result in those shoes lasting for many years. This procedure cost me $48 per pair of shoes. And doing so can extend the life span of the shoes by years so you need to look at this exercise as an investment because the small upfront cost will save you a great deal of money in the long term

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