NE Portland Emcees in 1993 On Multnomah Cable Access Television (MCTV) Rap About Malcolm X

Back in the 1990s, I recorded just about everything I saw. I have hundreds of VHS tapes of images and video that I trawled back when the internet was text-only. "BLAME IT ON MY A.D.D!" I found this gem of hip-hop excellence a few days ago when I was cleaning out an old hard drive. This is a live recording of two rappers (and two DJs) whose message was thug-life AND peace from February 27th, 1993. "M.M.P." and "MC-Crime" spoke truth on this live cable-access show while spinning the wheels of steel and spittin' it all on wax (also,the fashion was unmistakable -- early 1993 was RAD) -- all while giving Malcolm X respect. N.E. PDX REPRESENT!! It's horribly awkward -- but that's the beauty of it all. Live cable-access TV was the Internet before the Internet. I hope there are lots of sound-bites (and hopefully royalty-free) images herein... ENJOY!! -- 10:30 "WHAT HE MEANS BY "DOPE LYRICS..." THAT'S JUST MUSIC, Y'ALL."

#Portland #MCTV

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