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Beauty, art, hair, fashion, makeup, and advice! Check out my videos here Checkout the Runtastic Fitness Channel for free workout ideas and tips for body weight training Runtastic Results App After this major blizzard in my region the gym was closed for some time and I was forced to get creative with my workouts and how to complete them both outside after the snow cleared and indoors. I find that working out at home takes a lot of discipline, but if you can grab a great app, youtube video, or even a friend it becomes much easier! I am not a professional and started getting back into fitness a few months ago after playing high school tennis for 4 years and 1 year prior! Now with the new year I have started a personal / strength training journey and am taking fitness & health more seriously! Leave any questions in the comments below! Hope you find this video helpful ☯ Be Fearlessly Beautiful. My Social Media ☯ ☮ Instagram → @ TheSmartista ☮ Twitter → @ TheSmartista ☮ Snapchat → @ TheSmartista ☮ Facebook → @ SmartistaBeauty ☮ Tumblr → ☯ Music Selection Doeee ☯ Tracks featured in this video → ♬ → ♬ • S M A R T I S T A T O O L - K I T • Canon EOS Rebel T3i Final Cut Pro Adobe Premiere Pro • P. O. B O X • Send me something ♡♡♡ [ COMING SOON!!!!] • B U S I N E S S • Email: Subject: SmartistaBeauty FTC: ☀ Thank you to the Runtastic Fitness team and Adidas for partnering with me to bring you this video! ✌ Bri Hall SmartistaBeauty Instagram: @thesmartista Twitter: @thesmartista​ Facebook: @Smartistabeauty

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