Sports Mastery Episode 44: The 5 Best Legal Steroids

Benefits of Steroids   Increased Muscle Mass Tissue Repair Fat Loss Increased Physical Performance Appear More Physically Imposing Improved bone density Deepen voice Improve ambition & drive Improve focus Increase facial & pubic hair   I would not recommend these…   Anadrol Testo-max Deca-Duro D-Bal aka Dianabol Trenorol   Some of the best pills & injections to consider. You should swallow the:   Deadlift pill Inject squats into back end of your workout The Snatch Pill C&J Pills aka Clean & Jerk   The Power Lifting pills and Olympic Lifting pills offer:   Increased muscle mass Tissue repair Fat loss Increase physical performance Appear more physically imposing Improve bone density Improve ambition & drive Improve focus Increases sprint speed Increases jumping ability

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