Sports Mastery Episode 44: The 5 Best Legal Steroids

Friday, September 15, 2017


Benefits of Steroids   Increased Muscle Mass Tissue Repair Fat Loss Increased Physical Performance Appear More Physically Imposing Improved bone density Deepen voice Improve ambition & drive Improve focus Increase facial & pubic hair   I would not recommend these…   Anadrol Testo-max Deca-Duro D-Bal aka Dianabol Trenorol   Some of the best pills & injections to consider. You should swallow the:   Deadlift pill Inject squats into back end of your workout The Snatch Pill C&J Pills aka Clean & Jerk   The Power Lifting pills and Olympic Lifting pills offer:   Increased muscle mass Tissue repair Fat loss Increase physical performance Appear more physically imposing Improve bone density Improve ambition & drive Improve focus Increases sprint speed Increases jumping ability

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July 16, 2019

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