Best Men’s Spring/Summer Fragrances 2017

Laboratory Perfumes Tonka

If you’re looking for something a little different from the norm’, Laboratory Perfumes Tonka fragrance may just be the perfect addition to your spring fragrance lineup. While the earthy tonka bean sets the tone of this distinctive EDT, the energetic pink peppercorns and zesty mandarin lift the scent, giving you a poignant, yet alluring, finish. Easily one of the top men’s fragrances that’ll suit you through all seasons!

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Absolute

The culmination of perfumer Alberto Morillas’ innovative nose and Alessandro Michele’s prolific creative vision, 2017’s iteration of the iconic Gucci Guilty for men is nothing short of an assault on the senses – in the best possible way. The immediate hit of vetiver is complimented by darker leathery notes and woody Nootka cypress. If you’re looking for something hard hitting and long lasting – Gucci Guilty Absolute is, hands down, one of the best new men’s fragrance 2017 has to offer.

Oliver Sweeny Bosco Selvatico

Likely the best perfume for men looking for something a little more traditional, inoffensive but still distinctly unique; Oliver Sweeney’s foray into the world of fragrance really couldn’t have gone any better. Opening with hard hitting notes of lime and bergamot, Sweeney’s Bosco Selvatico rounds out with aromatic vetiver and robust oak moss to create a captivating spring/summer scent.

Murdock Avalon

Now in its seventh year of circulation, Murdock’s Avalon is one of the best male cologne’s around to this day. With a fragrant, borderline floral flavour; citrusy Sicilian lemon and bergamot are complimented by softer notes of rosemary and lavender. While not the most gallant of the lot, Murdock Avalon is a superbly unassuming day to day fragrance, perfect for the subtle office decorum conceding gent.

Star Wars Limited Edition Light

Similarly to the aforementioned Murdock Avalon, Star Wars ‘light’ EDP is one of the best men’s perfumes for the guy looking to smell good, without drawing too much attention. Fresh, aromatic and spring/summer ready; cypress, rosemary and herbal mid-notes are subdued by woodier musk and sandalwood. Yes, we know it’s Star Wars, but honestly – give it a whirl.

Xerjoff Ibitira

Opulence encapsulated, Italian brand Xerjoff is renowned for using some of the most luxurious ingredients available to man. While it won’t exude the machoism that some of the others mentioned here will, it’s no less (but possibly more) powerful than any of the other best male perfumes on this list. With engaging notes of Bulgarian rose and florentine iris, it’ll scream confidence from the man who’s fearless enough to don the unisex scent.

Laboratory Perfumes Amber

Taking a technical approach to uniquely androgynous fragrances, another option from Laboratory perfumes is possibly the most popular men’s aftershave’s available on the Idle Man. With a spicy, countryside kick from the outset, Laboratory perfumes Amber is mellowed out with sweet, marine notes of the renowned super-rare ingredient, ambergris. Fresh, distinct and powerful – easily one of the best scents for men around.

Calvin Klein CK One Gold

Arguably one of the best men’s fragrances ever, the generation-defining CK One has been afforded the update treatment only last year – likely thanks to its iconic, twenty-year reign as one of the most popular fragrances around.

One of the several unisex options on this list, the invigorating top notes of sage, fig and bergamot are accompanied by floral jasmine and violet and uniquely juxtaposed with potent patchouli to round out the iconic scent. Guys and gals love it alike, making it the best fragrance for men who’s girlfriends have a penchant for ‘borrowing’ their bits.

Culti Milano Home Fragrance Range

Ok, so not quite a perfume, but hey – if you’re investing in a scent for your body, why not give your abode the same treatment? With a selection of fragrances coming in a variety of different forms, Culti Milano is a brand that takes home fragrance seriously.

Whether it’s their refreshing mareminerale diffusers for a long lasting household redolence or their opulent l’oudness room spray that’s closer to a rich oud perfume for men – a scented tea light just won’t cut it once you’ve upgraded to Culti.

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